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With the QBlocker addon by Balázs Szeleczki you can draw easily primitives in the viewport. This is very handy for example when you want to quickly block a scene. Also, it is often way more convenient then adding the default cube, sphere or plane to the scene. On top of that there are snapping functions and other features like setting an orientation plane.

To use the QBlocker addon is pretty simple. Press Shift+A and choose: QBlocker. You can then add a cube, plane, sphere, circle or cylinder. Then while dragging the mouse you see a gizmo that snaps to the surface of another object if there is one. If not it uses the world-grid. You can go on dragging and fill your scene or right-click to stop.

Download and Installation of the QBlocker addon

Installing the add-on is as like most other Blender addons. Download the QBlocker Addon on Gumroad. (You can download it for free or name a fair price.) Then in Blender go to Edit > Preferences > Addons > Install. In the File-browser you navigate to the zip-file you just downloaded and press install. You will see a few options in the preferences like left or right mouse-button.


There is excellent documentation available on readthedocs. Here a quick cheatsheet of the shortcuts:

  • Shift + A -> QBlocker, to add and drag primitives
  • W, for the working plane.
  • Q, for the orientation.
  • A, to set the base type.
  • Hold Shift, to snap in increments by grid.
  • O, to set origin on the fly.
  • H, Switch Mesh type.
  • D, Toggle smoothness (sphere and cylinder)
  • S, Change Segments (sphere and cylinder)
  • Hold Ctrl, to snap to vertex, edge.


A very handy addon, good documentation, user friendly, good UI. In other words, an excellent addon that will help Blender users to make a bit more tempo. (Where are the emoticons in WordPress?)

NEW: MOAS-GEN addon! The MOAS-GEN addon generates modular parts from profiles. You can then assemble the parts to modular assets. Handy if you want to make a series of assets that can be used as building blocks.

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