PushDownAll is a Blender add-on that automates the creation of NLA tracks for all animations within a project. It is particularly useful for users needing to export animations to formats like GLTF for game engines, which require animations to be baked as NLA tracks.

Key features:

  • Automatic NLA Track Creation: Runs “Push Down” on all animations, creating NLA tracks for each automatically.
  • Support for Multiple Animations: Ideal for objects with numerous animations, facilitating their conversion to NLA tracks for export.
  • GLTF Export Readiness: Makes animations ready for GLTF export, meeting the requirements of game engines that need animations as NLA tracks.
  • Exclude Option: Allows users to enter a regular expression in the exclude box to skip animations, providing control over which animations are processed.
  • Search & Replace Functionality: Offers a search and replace feature using regular expressions to modify animation names directly.

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