Pure-Sky Pro is an add-on crafted for the creation of atmospheric environments . It enables the generation of realistic lighting effects alongside atmospheric phenomena such as eclipses, various cloud formations, and the aurora borealis. It offers a comprehensive set of presets for fog, sky, clouds, and wind animation.

Key Features:

  • Sky Presets: Incorporates ‘Sun Position’ and ‘Nishita Sky Texture’ within Blender to produce lifelike skies for any time of day, ranging from the soft hues of dawn to the star-filled night sky.
    • Day Presets: Simulate the clear blue of midday or the gentle gradients of late afternoon.
    • Sunrise/Sunset Presets: Provide transitions that capture the warm glow of sunrise or the dramatic hues of sunset.
    • Night Presets: Offer nocturnal atmospheres, from starry nights to the aurora-filled twilight sky.
  • Clouds: Enables the simulation of a broad spectrum of cloud formations, inspired by the International Cloud Atlas, with presets for low, mid, and high cloud levels.
    • Low Level: Features clouds like Stratus and Cumulus, ideal for detailed horizons and misty scenes.
    • Mid Level: Includes Altocumulus and Nimbostratus, suitable for afternoon skies and changing weather conditions.
    • High Level: Provides Cirrus clouds for subtle lighting effects and clear skies.
  • Cloud Animation: Offers over 23 presets for animating clouds with realistic rendering, easily activated and applied to create dynamic landscapes.
  • Exponential Height Fog: Generates global fog across the 3D scene, enhancing the realism of god rays through clouds.
  • Aurora Borealis: A node composition for creating a variety of volumetric aurora borealis effects, visible during night cycles.
  • Hybrid Mode: Allows for the combination of HDRI with Pure-Sky Pro, maintaining the day and night cycle for increased project realism.