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The Projectile addon for Blender 2.80 allows us to throw an object into the scene and set initial velocities. Normally this would take a lot of steps, but now a few clicks will do. It’s quite a cute, tiny addon useful for making quickly a short animation.

How to use the Projectile addon?

  • Select an object in the 3D viewport in Object Mode.
  • In the N-panel, go to the View TAB where you see the Projectile panel.
  • Press the Add Object button and look around in the 3D scene so you get an impression of the current traject. You already can press the spacebar or start the timeline.
  • Under Velocity Settings we can set the Velocities. Try the following settings for example. X: 0 m/s, Y: 4 m/s, Z: 7 m/s.
  • Press Spacebar or Start the timeline. You can adjust the velocities to your liking. Also interesting is the Angular Velocities. Try for example the following. X: 10, Y:12, Z:90.

After that, we might adjust the Initial Settings. This is handy for example when we want to let the monkey bump right into the cube. Instead of adjusting the velocity settings for that we can use the Initial location

Then there are the Projectile Settings. First we can set the quality of calculations. Then the Auto-update ensures us that the viewport gets a refresh after we changed settings. And Auto play starts to play the timeline automatically each time we change settings.

Usage Ideas

The object doesn’t react to collision objects, but reacts with rigid bodies. So our object had only an initial velocity. And indeed, our object is a rigid body (1 Kg, with a convex hull shape for collisions).

Where to download the Projectile Addon?

You can download the projectile addon on Github. In case you download the .zip file, you need to unpack it and in Blender (Edit > Preferences > Addons > Install), you only install the

NEW: MOAS-GEN addon! The MOAS-GEN addon generates modular parts from profiles. You can then assemble the parts to modular assets. Handy if you want to make a series of assets that can be used as building blocks.

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  • June 22, 2019 at 6:01 pm

    As someone who does a lot of rigid body simulations like Keva Plank destructions, this will come in handy.


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