Profiler is an add-on designed to improve the workflow in Blender, especially for those focusing on architectural visualizations. It enables the creation of shaped profiles with ease and offers a variety of options for customization.

Key Features:

  • 70+ Unique Profiles: The add-on provides over 70 unique profiles for users to choose from.
  • Profile Origin Alignment: Includes a gamepad feature for aligning the profile’s origin.
  • Adjustable Profile Dimensions: Users can modify the dimensions of each profile.
  • Offset Options for Curve: Offers offset options for adjusting the curve associated with the profile.
  • Profile Rotation: Allows for the rotation of profiles.
  • Mirroring by X and Y: Supports mirroring the profile along the X and Y axes.
  • Swap Normals of the Profile: Enables users to swap the normals of the profile.
  • Shading Options: Provides various shading options for the profiles.
  • Resolution Adjustment: Users can adjust the resolution for both the curve and the profile.
  • Flexibility: All features are accessible and adjustable anytime the corresponding curve is selected.