Procedural Traffic is an add-on designed to streamline the process of generating and animating traffic in Blender. With its efficient system, users can populate scenes with a significant number of cars in a short span of time. The add-on emphasizes performance and offers a range of features to ensure realistic and customizable traffic scenarios.

Key features:

  • Time Efficiency: Populate a scene with 400 cars in less than 10 seconds, while manual animation would be considerably more time-consuming.
  • Performance Metrics: Achieve real-time performance with a single car using proxy, and maintain 30fps with 400 cars using proxy cars.
  • Simulation Customization: The system is fully customizable, ensuring cars avoid collisions.
  • Car Model Details: Cars come with a high level of detail in both exterior and interior, with 4 new models added monthly.
  • Unique Procedural Materials: Each car has a distinct color palette and features procedural imperfections for added realism.