Procedural Slime facilitates the generation of dynamic slime effects between objects, adjusting in real-time to object transformations.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic Adaptation: Upon selecting two objects and opting for “create slime,” users get a responsive slime object that adjusts to object movements.
  • Density & Radius: Define the count and thickness of the slime tentacles between objects.
  • Viscosity: Modifies how much the slime droops, simulating gravitational effects.
  • Slime in Contact: Regulates the slime’s spread over contact areas.
  • Profile Curve: Manages tentacle subdivisions, optimizing vertex count.
  • Seed & Internal Slime: Offers randomness in tentacle arrangements and controls tentacles starting and ending on the same object.
  • Material Customization: Users can replace the default slime material as needed.