Procedural River

The Procedural River is a Blender add-on that utilizes procedural geometry nodes to facilitate the creation of rivers and streams.

Key features:

  • Customizable River/Stream Parameters: Users can adjust various parameters of the river or stream object, including width, depth, and water level.
  • Scatter Objects: Offers the ability to control the scattering of objects in and around the river or stream. Users can choose the number of objects, their size, and the number of random seeds added.
  • Object Replacement: Provides the option to replace default objects with user-defined ones, allowing for greater customization.
  • Editable Materials and Shaders: Users can customize all parameters related to materials and shaders, enabling changes to water color, turbidity, wave level, and flow animation.
  • Replaceable River Texture Maps: Allows users to replace the default river textured maps with their own, offering further customization.
  • File Format: Comes as a Blender project file, which includes procedural Geometry Nodes, Shader Nodes, and demo objects with textures.