Principled Baker

Principled-Baker is a Blender add-on that simplifies the PBR texture baking process. It automatically detects and bakes various inputs, offering manual selection, three baking modes, and additional features for a streamlined workflow.

Key Features:

  • Autodetection of Baking Needs: Identifies elements requiring baking based on connected inputs.
  • Manual Selection for Texture Channels: Allows manual selection of texture channels for baking.
  • Wide Range of Inputs: Bakes various inputs including Color, Metallic, Roughness, and more to image textures. Additional support for Alpha, Emission, Ambient Occlusion, and others.
  • Three Bake Modes:
    • Combined: Bakes a single or multiple selected objects with shared UV maps.
    • Single/Batch: Enables separate baking for each selected object.
    • Selected to Active: Executes baking from selected to active objects.
  • Material Creation: Generates a new material with new image texture nodes.
  • Auto Smooth Option: Offers an auto smooth option from object/on/off.
  • Auto UV Unwrap Option: Provides Smart UV Project/Lightmap Pack for automatic UV unwrapping.

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