PresetterProfessional is an add-on designed for saving presets for shading, visibility, snapping, and transform settings.

Key Features:

  • Presets for The 3D View:
    • Object Types Visibility
    • Viewport and Object Gizmos
    • Viewport Overlays
    • Shading Settings
    • 3D Cursor Location and Rotation
    • Snapping Settings
  • Combo Presetters:
    • Combination Shading and Overlays Presets: Consolidate all preferred settings for various tasks into a single preset.
    • Orientation and Pivot Combos: Store favorite combinations of Pivot and Orientation. Allows for setting Orientation and Pivot Point to 3D Cursor, Local Orientation, Individual Origins, and Only Origins in one go.
  • Customizable Menu Options: Disable unused Presetters in the Add-on Preferences to keep the interface clean and efficient.