PowerSave aims to simplify the saving process in Blender, making it more user-friendly and efficient. Designed to function like a sketchbook’s saving utility, PowerSave ensures that work is saved in a special folder, reducing the risk of data loss.

Key Features

  • Instant Save: Allows for immediate saving without dialog or additional interaction.
  • Sketch Location: Enables saving to a designated sketch location for later revisits.
  • Generic Naming System: Prevents unintended overwrites by using a generic naming system.
  • Visual Awareness: Features a 3D viewport notification icon for constant save status awareness.
  • HardOps Integration: Can be integrated with HardOps via the settings menu.
  • Built-in Autosave: Comes with built-in autosave support and customizable preferences.
  • Multiple Save Options: Provides options to save automatically on startup, via autosave interval, or through the PowerSave button.

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