Pose2Sim is an add-on tailored for visualizing Pose2Sim results, an open-source pipeline designed for 3D motion analysis from consumer-grade cameras like phones, webcams, and GoPros. The add-on is particularly useful for researchers and professionals in biomechanics, enabling the visualization of camera calibration, markers, and OpenSim data within Blender.

Key Features:

  • Camera Calibration Visualization: Import and visualize camera calibration data directly from .toml files.
  • Marker Data Import: Supports importing marker data from .trc or .c3d files.
  • OpenSim Data Integration: Enables the visualization of OpenSim data, including .osim models, .mot motions, and .mot forces.
  • Advanced Visualization Tools: Offers a suite of tools for enhanced analysis, including camera tools for importing, exporting, showing, and filming from calibrated cameras, and OpenSim imports for markers, models, motions, and forces.
  • Versatile Import and Export Options: Beyond visualization, the add-on supports a range of other tools for seeing through cameras, tracing rays from 3D points, and exporting to Alembic for fast import into other software.