PolyViews is an add-on designed to simplify the management of multiple views within a single .blend file. It allows users to store selected camera views along with their corresponding worlds and collections states, streamlining the rendering process across various perspectives.

Key Features:

  • Camera + World + Collections = View: Each view is composed of a selected camera object, a selected world, and the current state of collections, enabling users to save comprehensive scene setups with ease.
  • Efficient View Management: Simplifies the switching between numerous cameras and worlds, especially in complex scenes, by consolidating these operations into a single mouse click.
  • Custom Rendering Settings: Users can assign custom rendering settings such as resolution or sampling to each view, tailoring the output to specific needs.
  • Animated Scenes Support: Accommodates animated scenes with custom cameras, allowing for different start and end frames for each scene.
  • Collection State Customization: Offers the ability to specify which collections should be enabled or disabled in each view, directly affecting visibility without additional lists or settings in the addon panel.
  • Batch Rendering and Render Queue: Facilitates the rendering of all selected views with one click, with options for batch rendering or adding views to a render queue for automated processing.
  • Saving Render Passes: Offers the capability to save render passes for views, ensuring that any enabled render passes are saved alongside view renderings.
  • Intuitive Interface: Designed with a minimalistic and intuitive interface, making it accessible for both beginner and advanced Blender users.
  • Real-World Development: Developed and refined during real architectural visualization projects, ensuring a user-friendly experience.