PolyQuilt addon

The PolyQuilt addon provides a few functions in edit mode like creating faces, knife tool, fan, edge-loops, etc. It does this with ONLY the left-mouse-button. So no menu’s, no shortcuts. Just select the PolyQuilt addon in the T-Panel and create around.

How to use the PolyQuilt addon?

Add a cube, single vertex or anything to the scene, go in Edit-mode and delete it. Press T to open the T-Panel and select the PolyQuilt addon. Probably you want to go to top orthographic view by pressing 5 then 7 on the numeric keypad. Click with the mouse in the 3D view and you will see you can create faces by clicking a few times.

After four clicks it will create a face (quad), but if you want you can make triangles as well. When you hover a vertex and click you can continue making faces connected together. But there is more you can do. A list below, but first a video.

Other features

  • Edgeloop. Hover an edge. Click and wait. Then drag the mouse over the edge. This will create an Edgeloop.
  • Fan. Hover a vertex. Click and wait. Then drag the mouse. This will create a fan.
  • Knife. Just click inside a face on an edge or vertex. And click another one. This works like the knife.
  • Grab. Click and drag any vertex, face or edge.
  • Join. Grab (see previous) a vertex and drag it to another vertex. This way you will join the vertex.

Where to download the PolyQuilt Addon?

You can download the PolyQuilt Addon on Github. Mind that you have to extract the .zip-file and there is a folder inside called PolyQuilt (in the addons folder of your download). You have to select that folder and make it a .zip. (In Windows: right click and send to .zip folder). Then in Blender you install it as all other addons: Edit mode > Preferences > Addons > Install. Browse to the .zip file you just created and press Install. Then activate the addon, save preferences and refresh.

- - - - - - - - ADD - - - - - EV Express update to 10.2 on Blender Market. Gumroad will follow later today or tomorrow. I had this feature in mind a long time and, and finally I decided to hire a developer for this. We 32 preset with big thumbnails. With that you can load a complete preset including: all the lights, backdrop and items, probes in one go. Al you have to do now, is choose a preset and tweak it with EV Express.

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