While there are quite some addons that do poly count, the PolyCount addon is definitely worth mentioning it. Namely, it gives you an overview of the polycount of multiple objects or the whole scene. On top of that, it provides the info in a table where you can sort the columns. In it’s use, the addon is very simple and doesn’t occupy the N-Panel. As you notice it, I love this free addon.

Usually I don’t bother about addons that counts poly’s because I can turn that info on in the status bar in Blender. And then there are addons that provide similar info as that, but then elsewhere in Blender. That’s why I was hesitant at first to try this addon, but comparing and sorting the stats makes it a different story.

How the PolyCount Addon works

After installation you can find the addon in the properties panel. Then you go to scene properties and there you find Polycount. If you work, for example, with two versions of a mesh, use the Only Selected checkbox. Then click refresh, and you see the stats in three columns: Verts, Tris and Area. If you have a scene with loads of objects, you can uncheck Only Selected and then sorting the columns come in handy. This way you can see what object has a high polycount.

Where and how to download the addon

You can download the PolyCount Addon on Github. Important to know: This time don’t use the green button to download the addon. Instead of that scroll down a bit, and click on “Download latest version“. Because if you use the green button (Code > Download .zip) then addon won’t appear in the Blender’s Preferences > Addons window. The reason this later one happens, is that you downloaded a bit more and then the structure of the files and folders is different.

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