The Poly Haven Asset Browser is a Blender add-on that integrates Poly Haven’s extensive library of 3D models, materials, and HDRIs directly into Blender’s Asset Browser. It simplifies the process of accessing and utilizing over 1000 high-quality assets, all of which are available for free under the CC0 license.

Key features:

  • Frequent Updates: New assets are published almost every weekday, ensuring a constantly growing library.
  • Early Access to Assets: Add-on users gain early access to assets, sometimes months before their public release.
  • Maximum Quality: Focus on quality over quantity with unclipped HDRIs, full PBR texture sets, hand-crafted models, and overkill resolutions.
  • Easy Integration: After installation, users can easily download low-res versions of all assets, which are organized into catalogs and tags for straightforward searching and usage.
  • High-Resolution Textures: A simple drop-down menu allows for the increase of texture resolution for all asset types.
  • Adaptive Subdivision: Materials are designed for use with adaptive subdivision, with automatic setup options for correct scale application.
  • Convenient Model Import: Models are imported as easy-to-place collection instances, with options to make real for further tweaking.
  • HDRIs with Basic Controls: HDRIs include basic controls for rotation and brightness, simplifying adjustments without the need for node editor access.
  • CC0 License: All assets can be used for commercial purposes and shared freely, published under the CC0 license.
  • Supporting an Open Future: Purchases directly support Poly Haven’s vision for an open future, with public finance reports and regular development logs shared with the community.