Plumber is an add-on for importing Source 1 engine maps, models, materials, and textures. It facilitates the importation of full maps from games like CS:GO, TF2, and CS:S into Blender, providing an accurate representation of materials, overlays, props, and lights.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Import Capabilities: Enables the import of .vmf, .mdl, .vmt, and .vtf files, supporting a wide range of Source 1 game assets.
  • Automatic Game Detection: Installed Source games on Steam are detected automatically, simplifying the import process.
  • Accurate Material and Overlay Placement: Imported maps feature accurate materials and overlays, with correctly placed props and lights.
  • Skybox Conversion: Converts skyboxes into a format compatible with Blender, including support for 3D skybox transformation.
  • No Manual Game File Extraction Required: Streamlines the workflow by eliminating the need for manual extraction of game files.
  • Support for Various File Types: Supports the import of maps (.vmf), models (.mdl), materials (.vmt), and textures (.vtf) for a comprehensive overview of supported features.