Plating Generator is a Blender add-on designed for 3D Modelers and Concept Artists. It specializes in adding paneling patterns and mapping multiple objects onto both flat and curved mesh surfaces.

Key Features:

  • Panel Lines and Object Scattering: Generate panel lines or scatter smaller objects using a random seed.
  • Surface Versatility: Can be used on both flat and curved surfaces of faces.
  • Customizable Plating Patterns: Offers a range of completely customizable plating patterns.
  • Preset Configurations: Allows the saving, re-use, and sharing of preset configurations, in addition to pre-bundled ones.
  • Greeble Object Libraries: Create custom greeble object libraries or utilize the standard default library.
  • Object Integration: The generated objects can either be created and edited separately or integrated into the base object.
  • Control Panel: Provides a fixed control panel to go back and change patterns and greebles when they are created as separate objects.
  • Mesh Flexibility: Operates on a whole quad-based mesh or a sub-selection of quad faces.
  • Detailed Customization: Control the depth of grooves, heights of panels, thickness of grooves, rounded corners, and bevel effects.
  • Material and Color: Add custom materials and vary panel color through vertex colors.
  • Greeble Options: Greebles can be either overlapping or non-overlapping and can conform to the shape of the face or maintain their proportions.
  • Groove Removal: Provides the option to completely remove the grooves while leaving the plates intact.

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