PlanetSet is a sophisticated tool enabling users to create photorealistic environments. The add-on offers a comprehensive suite for world-building, allowing the creation of expansive terrains, atmospheres, and cloud systems.

Key Features:

  • Next-Level World Building: Construct vast and detailed environments, from ground level to the edge of space.
  • Instancing & Erosion Fractal: Utilize advanced techniques like instancing and erosion fractals for enhanced terrain detailing.
  • Terracing & Terrain Fractals: Design terrains with features like rock strata, layered terrains, and control over terrace quantity.
  • Atmosphere & Clouds: Render with a full-scale spherical atmosphere, complete with an advanced fractal cloud system, simulating Rayleigh and Mie scattering.
  • Geometry Nodes Control: Achieve precise landscape displacement using fractal noises in geometry nodes.
  • Import Heightmaps: Seamlessly integrate heightmaps from other terrain software or satellite data.
  • Plant Instancer & Population Layers: Organize and control parameters of populations and scatter millions of objects with precision over the terrain.
  • Water Bodies: Render oceans to the horizon with custom micropolygon displacement and design custom water bodies like lakes and rivers.
  • Optimized for Cycles: Designed exclusively for Cycles rendering, ensuring high-quality outputs.