With the Piperator Addon we can generate pipes on selected meshes. There are other addons that makes pipes, but this addon makes really cute pipes. At the moment of writing, the addon is just 10 hours old. I recommend you to try this out if you also love pipes like me. The addon is developed by Zues and he provides it for free. But if you want to support him, he is also on patreon.

How the Piperator Addon works

How the piperator addons works is quite self explanatory. I tried the addon for a few minutes and it seems you just select a mesh and press the button the Add Pipes button. You can find the Add Pipes button in the N-Panel in under the Tab Piperator. After pressing the button an operator pops up on the left corner with quite some settings. Mind the the mesh needs to have enough faces. If you just try it with a cube you see a notification and the result is then not so stunning. So be sure there are enough faces.

Where to download the Piperator Addon?

Best is to check the blenderartist thread “New Blender Addon: “Piperator, Generation of Pipe Networks” This because the developer seems to have some plans, for example to develop an enhanced version on BlenderMarket as well.

NOTE: It was a bit frustrating to install the addon because I didn’t realise it was available under de categorie called Testing. So, when you install the addon, be sure that you select also the Testing categorie in the Blender preferences > Addons. You see three buttons there on top.

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How to support Blender-addons.org?

In case you like this website, there are tons of ways to support. It can be just sharing a post or video, a follow in Social media, a donation, an engagement likes comments, or a purchase in one of the shops New Media Supply is active. Every little thing will help a bit. And if you just want to visit the website, that is also fine.



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