Physics Gen

Physics Gen is an add-on designed to make physics simulations faster and easier, offering infinite simulation possibilities. It sets random values for unique and interesting simulations with just one button press.

Key features:

  • Smoke Domain Randomization: Randomizes smoke domain settings to create varied smoke simulations.
  • Fluid Domain Randomization: Randomizes fluid domain settings for diverse fluid simulations.
  • Particle Settings Randomization: Randomizes particle settings to generate unique particle effects.
  • Add Random Force Fields: Adds random force fields to enhance simulations with dynamic interactions.
  • Easy to Use Interface: Accessible through the ‘N’ tab under Physics, allowing easy setup of simulations.
  • Quick Simulation Setup: Allows users to select any object and add a quick simulation or set up custom simulations.
  • Workflow Enhancement: Speeds up simulation workflow and serves as a base for creating custom simulations.
  • Customization: Users can tweak any property or parameter to refine simulations to their liking.