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The Photographer addon by Chafouin has a few handy features for the camera in Blender 2.80. Even if you are not a photographer. For a none-photographer is that; white balance like color temperature and tint, resolution and Autofocus. Photographers will enjoy the shutter speed, aperture and ISO settings.

Normally we would adjust the white balance by playing with the curves in the color management settings. But color temperature in the Photographer addon will ensure we use plausible colors or settings. Since I am not a photographer I can not tell much about the exposure settings. But the exposure settings looks al very decent. There is even an indicator that show for what kind of enviroment the exposure settings are. Also a warning will pop up in case the setting is not realistic.

One of the latest features (June 6) is the Master Camera. You can find it’s settings in the N-Panel under View. What it does is “flying” from camera to camera. To get this to work you place first several cameras in the scene and place them nicely. Then simply press Mastercamera. After that, when you press each camera, the Master Camera will smoothly transition from one to the other position. What is not mentioned in the Video, is that you can animate the Master Camera. You can do that as follows.

  • Press the Camera Button.
  • In the Timeline go to frame 1.
  • Press i, then choose LocRotScale
  • Press the Camera.001 button
  • In the Timeline go to frame 40 for example.
  • Press i, then choose locRotScale.
  • And so on.

Download and installation.

You can download the Photographer addon on Gumroad. You can get it for free or if you want to support the development you can also name a fair price. The installation of the photographer addon goes flawless. In other words, installation of the addon is like with other addons. Download the zip-file and in Blender you go to Edit > Preferences > Addons > Install. Browser to the zip-file you just downloaded and press install. You will find the addon by selecting a camera and go to the camera settings.

Documentation of the Photographer addon.

There are video tutorials available on YouTube that explains how to use the photographer addon. At the moment there are four video’s in the playlist. Best is to check the latest. There is also a thread on


Personally I like the addon because it’s an excellent combination with my own addon EV Express. EV Express handles loads of settings from rendersettings, lighting and compositing. But such settings for the camera were missing. So the Photographer addon will stay in my library.

New: With the Material Nodes Addon you can build a material from scratch or improve existing (default) shaders. Procedural Textures have low RAM usage and are fully animatable. Use them when textures are not really need. There are 19 node-groups provided. More to come.

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