Photographer 5

Photographer 5 is a comprehensive camera and lighting add-on for Blender, compatible with both EEVEE and Cycles rendering engines.

Key Features:

  • Camera and Lens Effects: Introduces effects such as Lens distortion, Chromatic Aberration, Fringing, Sharpen, and Film Grain.
  • Light Gobos and IES (Cycles only): Enables users to add textures to lights with a few clicks. It includes a growing library of textures.
  • Light Placement Modal: Allows for quick creation of lights at the cursor’s location, or through targeted character lighting using orbit controls.
  • Photographer Main Camera: Sets a hierarchy where one main camera defines the default settings for the scene.
  • Light Mixer: Offers a user-friendly interface to manage scene lights using collections and light groups.
  • World Mixer: Manages HDRI and World materials per camera.
  • Emissive Mixer: Controls emissive materials within the scene.
  • Optical Vignetting and Bokeh Textures: Supports camera effects to enhance depth and focus aesthetics.
  • Exposure Controls: Adjusts exposure using real camera settings such as ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed, or simplified controls like EV value.
  • Physical Light Units: Measures light in photometric units such as Lumen, Candela, Lux, complete with color temperature settings and presets.
  • Viewport Auto Exposure: Automatically adjusts exposure in the viewport to simulate realistic lighting conditions.
  • Lens Shift and Automatic Shift: Corrects vertical perspectives, particularly useful in architectural visualization.
  • Dolly Zoom: Adjusts the camera lens focal length while maintaining the size of an object in the frame.
  • Motion Blur Control: Manages blur effects using either Shutter Speed or Shutter Angle settings.
  • White Balancing: Includes a viewport picker to adjust color temperature for accurate color representation.
  • Resolution per Camera: Sets different resolutions per camera with presets tailored for various output requirements.
  • Autofocus: Features options for Single, Continuous, or Tracking autofocus to keep subjects in sharp focus.
  • Focus Plane and Depth of Field Limits: Defines focus boundaries to manage the depth of field effects.
  • Camera List and Master Camera: Manages multiple cameras and switches between them through a master camera control.
  • Camera Targets: Simplifies camera targeting with easy-to-use controls.
  • Render Queue: Allows batch rendering from multiple cameras, saving images incrementally and storing them in new render slots.