Phobos is a powerful and versatile robotics simulation add-on tailored for Blender. It equips users with an array of tools to streamline their robotic projects.

Key Features:

  • WYSIWYG Editor: Phobos provides a user-friendly WYSIWYG editor for creating and refining robot models directly within Blender.
  • CLI Tools: The addon offers Command Line Interface (CLI) tools that enhance model handling and enable efficient inspection.
  • CI Tool: Phobos includes a Continuous Integration (CI) tool for headless operation in CI-pipelines, automating model processing and maintenance.
  • Import and Export: Phobos supports multiple formats, including URDF, SDF, SMURF, and more, allowing easy import and export of robot models.
  • Robot Kinematics: Effortlessly define robot kinematics, links, and joints with Phobos’ intuitive tools.
  • Visualisation: Phobos enables users to visualize various model components, including joint constraints.
  • Fast Editing Tools: Batch edit object properties, generate collision objects, and calculate inertia tensors and merged inertia for complex links with ease.
  • Logging and Pose Saving: Phobos offers verbose logging and the ability to save and load model poses for convenience.
  • Annotation: Annotate objects from motors/sensors to joints/links, enhancing model clarity and organization.
  • Export Configurations: Save and load different export configurations for the same model as per your requirements.
  • Precision Control: Export models with defined floating-point precision for accurate simulations.
  • Model Integrity Checks: Ensure model integrity with Phobos’ built-in checks for reliable simulations.
  • Model Database Maintenance: Utilize tools to manage your own model database efficiently.
  • Python Library: Access a library of Python examples for automatic model adaptation and customization.
  • Seamless Blender Integration: Phobos effortlessly integrates with Blender’s existing features, such as rendering and animation, providing a holistic robotics development environment.