Path Actions

Path Actions is an add-on designed to enhance file management within the Blender environment.

Key Features:

  • Open Blend’s Folder: A dedicated button to quickly open the current blend file’s folder in the operating system’s file browser.
  • Modifier-Keys Actions: Offers additional functionalities through modifier keys:
    • Ctrl: Copies the file path to the clipboard.
    • Ctrl+Shift: Copies the directory path to the clipboard.
    • Shift: Opens a side blend file in the current Blender instance or in a new instance, depending on whether the blend file icon or filename is clicked.
    • Alt: Copies the file name to the clipboard.
  • Blender File Browser Integration: Enhances the Blender file browser with buttons to set the browser to the blend file’s location and to open the browsed folder in the operating system’s file browser.
  • Additional Options: Includes features like switching output path type between relative and absolute and a reload tool for developers, which triggers a full refresh of the blend file in a new Blender instance.