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Blender Animation Retargeting Blender Animation Retargeting

Animation tools

, Blender Animation Retargeting is an add-on that enables the transfer of animations and poses from one armature to another.

Blender Python Renderer Blender Python Renderer

GPU renderer

, Blender Python Renderer is a GPU renderer, written purely in Python and designed for prototyping and research.

Blender-O3D-IO Blender-O3D-IO

Import / export OMSI .sco, .cfg, and .o3d

, Blender-O3D-IO is an add-on that supports importing and exporting OMSI .sco, .cfg, and .o3d files. It’s designed to enhance the workflow for users working with OMSI (Omnibus Simulator) models in Blender.

Geonode Builder Geonode Builder

Geometry nodes creation

, GeoNode Builder is an experimental scripting add-on for Blender’s geometry nodes.

Laces Generator Laces Generator

Lace creation

, Laces Generator enables to create laces through a procedural method.

ShaderNodesExtra ShaderNodesExtra

Utilities for Cycles PyNodes

, ShaderNodesExtra2.80 is a Blender add-on that simplifies the creation of custom nodes for Cycles, focusing on GPU compatibility and enhanced functionality.

Clay Render Clay Render

Clay render

, Clay Render simplifies the creation of clay renders by offering features like automatic addition of names, social media, and dates to renders, along with the ability to change clay color. The add-on is ideal for artists needing to show proof of creation for challenges.

SMPL Blender addon SMPL Blender addon

Body modeling & animating tools

, The SMPL Blender Add-on is an extension of the SMPL-X Blender add-on. It is designed for editing, reshaping, and animating SMPL-H, SMPL-X, and SUPR bodies in Blender. The add-on is accessible to users with an active SMPL Model license or those using Meshcapade’s 3D avatar platform.

Object Disperser Object Disperser

Dispersion effects

, Object Disperser is an add-on designed to facilitate the dispersion of particle-like objects from a central source. It is capable of creating a variety of effects, such as fireworks, blood splatters, and debris from bullet hits, by allowing users to adjust the dispersion range and animation frames to suit their…

Blender Sequence Loader Blender Sequence Loader

File sequences loading

, Blender Sequence Loader is an add-on that enables the loading of file sequences. Bundled together with meshio, it facilitates the loading of geometric data from a wide range of file formats.