Origin at selected Addon

Origin at selected Addon

How many steps it takes to set the origin of an object to a particular vertex or face? This Origin at selected addon makes an end to some frustrations. And a good thing is that it don’t take any place in the N-Panel, just the shortcut Shift+Ctrl+C.

The steps without addon.

  • Create a cube and go in Edit mode.
  • Select a vertex and press Shift + S.
  • Choose: Cursor to Selected.
  • Go out of Edit mode and press F3.
  • Now, Type: origin
  • Click on: Set Origin.
  • Choose: Origin to 3D cursor.
  • (optionally) press Shift + S again and set the cursor back to world origin.

And now the steps with the Origin to Selected addon.

  • Create a cube and go in Edit mode.
  • Select a vertex and press Shift+Ctrl+C
  • Press TAB and go out of Edit-mode.

So that is a huge difference especially if you use this frequently. There are several reasons you want to set the origin. For example when you put the origin at the bottom of a table, you easily can scale the table while the table stays on the floor. Or when you make assets, you want to place the origin at a convenient place for the users.

Where to download the addon?

There is a direct download available here (Google Drive). And I found it in this post on Blenderartists.

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