OptiCore is an add-on that provides accurate and well-defined models of optical elements such as lenses and mirrors, as well as optomechanical components like optical benches and posts. These models are not only useful for creating renderings of optical laboratory experiments but also for generating images that involve intricate light patterns like caustics.

Key features:

  • Optical Lens Creation: Allows the creation of optical lenses with two flat, spherical, or aspheric surfaces, with the option for a cross-section model.
  • Square Lens: Offers the ability to create a lens with a quadratic outline, currently limited to spherical surfaces.
  • Mirror Design: Enables the creation of optical mirror meshes with circular outlines and the choice of spherical or parabolic surfaces.
  • Retroreflector Array: Provides the option to create an array of cubecorner retroreflectors, with two types available for different visual effects.
  • Siemens Star: Includes the functionality to create a Siemens Star, which is commonly used as a test object for measuring the modulation transfer function or contrast.
  • Optomechanics: Features tools for creating components like a breadboard or an optical post, which are essential for setting up optical experiments or displays.
  • Material and Shading Compatibility: Ensures that all elements created with the add-on should have smooth shading applied for correct optical behavior.