Octave Gradients provides a selection of gradients for Cycles color ramps. The add-on is especially useful for users familiar with gradients from Octave or Matlab, allowing them to apply these gradients in Blender.

Key features:

  • Gradient Selection: Offers 14 commonly used gradients for use in Blender’s Cycles rendering engine.
  • User Interface: Adds a panel called ‘Octave Gradient Demo’ to the Cycles node view for easy gradient selection and preview.
  • Gradient Application: Includes a feature to add a ColorRamp node to the current material, with the ability to place it based on the user’s cursor position in the node view.
  • Customization: Users can augment the hexviz dict in __init__.py to add extra palettes.
  • Scripting Capability: Allows for scripting without UI interaction, providing a function called ‘external_octave’ for more advanced usage.
  • Gradient Options: Includes a variety of gradients such as ‘lines’, ‘pink’, ‘copper’, ‘bone’, ‘gray’, ‘winter’, ‘autumn’, ‘summer’, ‘spring’, ‘cool’, ‘hot’, ‘hsv’, ‘jet’, and ‘parula’.