Object Scatter

The Object Scatter addon for Blender 2.8 allows you to scatter a mesh on a surface. It doesn’t have to be a plane you want to scatter on, it can even be a sphere. The add-on is already build in Blender and it makes the scene in a stroke and few clicks way more interesting. So why we don’t use it a bit more?

How to use the Object Scatter Addon.

Object Scatter addon user interface
Object Scatter User Interface.
  • If not enabled already, go to Edit > Preferences > Addons and type in the search bar: scatter. Enable “Object: Scatter Objects”.
  • Back to the scene, you select first the object you want to scatter, then the object you want the object to be distributed. (First the stone then the ground.).
  • Then Press F3 and type: Scatter. Click on: Scatter Objects.
  • Drag with the mouse (LMB) on the ground (or surface) and so you are painting the trail or stones let’s say.
  • Then in the properties panel > TAB Active Tool, you can set the Density, Radius, Scale, Randomness, Rotation, Offset and Seed.
  • Once that is set, you press Enter.
  • Now, another interesting part is: those are all instances. Meaning if you edit the scatter object (Stone) in Edit in Edit-mode, al instance will be edited. And the fun part: It barely uses memory. So why the heck it seems that barely any-one is using? It’s so powerful.

Note: in case you see a triangle in every instance, you can edit the original object (stone lets say) and remove the triangle. Probably this is a bug at the moment. Als keep in mind you cannot apply modifiers to mutiple user-data. So in case you have that in mind, you need to do that before you scatter.

In case you want to place a comment, question or suggestion, don’t hesitate to place a comment.