The Object Group Add-on enhances Blender’s object management capabilities by introducing a system that allows for the grouping of multiple objects. It simplifies the process of selecting, deselecting, and hiding multiple objects with just one click, drawing inspiration from the functionality of vertex groups for points.

Key Features:

  • Group Selection System: Enables the grouping of multiple objects, allowing for easy selection and management within the scene.
  • N-Panel Integration: The add-on is accessible through the N-Panel, where users can find the object group menus for straightforward operation.
  • Scene-Wide Group List: Displays a comprehensive list of all groups created in the scene, facilitating quick access and management of object collections.
  • One-Click Object Selection: Offers the capability to select all objects within a group with a single click, streamlining the selection process.
  • Object Assignment: Allows for the easy assignment of objects to a selected groups.
  • Visibility Toggles: Provides options to hide or show groups of objects in both the viewport and render, directly from the object group menu.