Object Disperser

Object Disperser is an add-on designed to facilitate the dispersion of particle-like objects from a central source. It is capable of creating a variety of effects, such as fireworks, blood splatters, and debris from bullet hits, by allowing users to adjust the dispersion range and animation frames to suit their specific needs.

Key Features:

  • Fireworks Displays: Enables the creation of fireworks effects by dispersing objects from a central point, with adjustable dispersion range and animation frames.
  • Blood Splatters: Allows for the simulation of blood splatters by dispersing droplet objects from impact points, with control over dispersion range and scale.
  • Bullet-Hit Debris: Facilitates the creation of bullet-hit scenes by dispersing debris objects from collision points, including options for rotation and randomization.
  • Confetti Showers to Explosive Debris Fields: Offers the flexibility to create a wide range of effects, from confetti showers to explosive debris fields, enhancing the visual impact of scenes.