nView Live is an add-on designed to enhance the viewport performance in Blender’s solid view. By dynamically toggling an object’s visibility in real-time, it aims to provide a smoother viewport experience, especially for artists working with large and diverse scenes.

Key features:

  • Dynamic Visibility Management: Automatically toggles an object’s visibility in the viewport in real-time to optimize solid view performance.
  • Compatibility: Specifically designed for Blender 3.0 and potentially compatible with older versions, though not guaranteed.
  • Viewport Performance Focus: While the add-on aids in viewport performance, it doesn’t guarantee specific outcomes like animation playback framerate. It also doesn’t bake visibility settings for renders or set render visibility.
  • Real-time Updates: On activation, nView Live fetches a list of scene objects. With every refresh of the active 3D viewport, the add-on updates the visibility of all objects. A delay setting ensures updates are made once the viewport stops refreshing, allowing for swift navigation.
  • Visibility Budgeting: When enabled, the add-on tracks visible objects and their viewport cost, hiding any surplus objects. It prioritizes objects closer to the viewport camera and follows the user’s set budget priority.