Nozzleboss is a Blender add-on designed for G-code manipulation, enabling users to import G-code, convert it to a mesh, and re-export it.

Key features:

  • G-code to Mesh Conversion: Allows G-code to be converted into a mesh for modification using Blender’s tools.
  • Extrusion/Speed Multiplier: Implements texture-based ‘Flow’ and ‘Speed’ weight maps in Blender’s vertex paint mode, offering control over the extrusion path.
  • Weight Maps for G-code Commands: Creates a ‘Tool’ vertex color map to change G-code commands based on color, facilitating customized command inputs.
  • Path Building and Editing: Supports building extrusion paths from scratch and editing them with Blender’s array modifier and sculpting tools.
  • Firmware and Mode Support: Compatible with firmware retraction (G10/G11) and relative extrusion mode, and can import vase mode or variable height G-code.
  • Mesh Structure Consideration: Stresses the importance of maintaining a linear order of vertex indices for effective path creation.