Noter is an add-on designed to increase productivity by organizing the workflow through various note-taking and annotation features.

Key Features:

  • Annotate Specific Elements: Enables annotating a specific object, scene, or Blender file (.blend).
  • Create Notes Lists: Allows for the creation of notes lists for objects, scenes, or Blender files.
  • In-Blender Text Saving: Offers the functionality to save text within Blender, making it available in any Blender file.
  • Notes Tree with Nodes: Facilitates creating a notes tree using nodes, useful for outlining a sequence of actions or for team collaboration.
  • Noter Splash Screen: Features a splash screen for Blender files to remind users of unfinished tasks when opening a file.
  • Text Operators: Adds operators for working on text within Blender.
  • Accessible Note Reading: Provides the ability to access note text directly from the Topbar.