NodeTree Source is a Blender 3D add-on designed to convert material nodes into python source code, which can then be stored in a dedicated library for future use.

Key Features:

  • Material Conversion: By selecting the “Material to Text” option, the add-on converts the current material node tree into source code, which is then displayed in the “Text Editor” window.
  • Code Portability: The generated code can be copied or saved to a file, allowing users to paste or open it in any other Blender project. When the code is executed using the “Run Script” button, the original material is recreated in the new project.
  • Integrated Library: The add-on comes with a built-in library where users can save the source code of materials. By clicking the “Material to Library” button, the material’s source code is stored in the local library, making it readily accessible for future projects.