Node2Code is a Blender add-on designed to convert Material Nodes, World Nodes, Compositing Nodes, and Geometry Nodes into add-ons. The add-on packages all external data automatically, ensuring that images, text, and external values are consistently available.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Node Support: Generate an add-on for Material Nodes, World Nodes, Compositing Nodes, Geometry Nodes, or any combination of these.
  • Deployment Options: Opt for deploying the add-on as a Panel, Menu Entry, or both.
  • Automatic Packaging: Packages all external data, making them available regardless of file location.
  • Ease of Operation: Build an add-on in four steps, providing one-click access to exported shaders.
  • Customizable Metadata: Allows for metadata modification, including author, version, and category.
  • Extended Edition Features: Includes additional customization guides and premium support.
  • Ultimate Edition Features: Adds new Geometry Node support and an Easy Icons feature for custom icons.