Node Downstreamer is an add-on designed to enhance the workflow within the node editor by allowing users to efficiently manage node connections. It facilitates the selection of nodes that are either upstream or downstream relative to an active node.

Key Features:

  • Node Selection Flexibility: Provides the ability to select nodes connected either directly or through multiple connections to an active node, both downstream and upstream.
  • Four Customizable Actions:
    • Select Downstream: Selects all nodes that are connected downstream of the active node. This includes all nodes that would be affected by changes to the active node.
    • Select Downstream One Step: Selects only the nodes that are directly connected to the active node downstream, allowing for focused modifications.
    • Select Upstream: Selects all nodes connected upstream of the active node, providing an overview of nodes that influence the active node’s output.
    • Select Upstream One Step: Selects the nodes directly connected to the active node upstream, useful for quickly assessing direct inputs.
  • Custom Shortcut Configuration: Users can set custom shortcuts for each of the four actions under Preferences – Add-ons – Node Downstreamer, making access to these functions quick and tailored to individual workflows.

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