Node Connector is an add-on that simplifies the process of connecting nodes within Blender’s node editor. It allows users to establish connections between an active node and up to five predefined “Target Nodes” regardless of their physical location in the node workspace.

Key Features:

  • Predefined Target Nodes: Users can set between one and five Target Nodes, facilitating quick connections without the need to drag links across the node editor.
  • Versatile Connection Options:
    1. N Panel Dropdown Menu: Within the side N panel, users can select their Target Nodes from a dropdown list containing all nodes in the node tree. After selection, users can connect to these nodes using the “Connect to Target 1-5” buttons.
    2. Context Menu Options: By right-clicking an active node, users can access the “Node Connector” menu to either set a node as one of the five Target Nodes or instantly connect to any of the predefined Target Nodes.
    3. Shortcut Customization: The add-on allows for the assignment of shortcuts within Blender Preferences to connect nodes quickly, enhancing workflow efficiency.
  • Customizable Connection Points: By default, the add-on connects the first output socket of the active node to the first input socket of the Target Node. Users can customize which sockets to connect by selecting different indices for output and input sockets.

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