Node Charts allows users to create charts and presentations with ease. This collection of pre-designed Info graphs for Blender is designed for easy data import and customization, making it a valuable tool for professionals in various fields who need to visualize complex data.

Key Features:

  • 15 Geometry Nodes Powered Charts: Offers a variety of graph types including Circle Graph, Pie Graph, Line Graph, and more.
  • CSV Support: Allows for easy data import from CSV files, eliminating the need for manual data entry.
  • MySQL Database Support: Enables data to be imported directly from MySQL databases, offering another layer of convenience.
  • 1080p and 4K Support: Supports multiple resolutions, making it versatile for different presentation platforms.
  • Dynamic Graphs: The graphs automatically adjust based on the maximum and minimum parameters set, offering dynamic visualizations.
  • Bulk Font Changer: Provides the ability to change the fonts of multiple texts at once, streamlining the customization process.
  • Frame Rate Changer: Allows for the adjustment of keyframe locations based on the frame rate, offering more control over animations.
  • Animation Duration Control: Enables control over the timing and length of each keyframe animation.
  • Custom Animations for Each Graph: Offers unique animations for each graph type, adding a layer of visual interest.
  • Aspect Ratio Changer: Allows for the scaling and repositioning of the entire graph based on the applied aspect ratio.
  • No Need of Keyframes: Simplifies the animation process by eliminating the need for manual keyframe setting.
  • 12 Simple Customizable Callouts: Provides callouts in all 4 directions to define certain data points in the graph.
  • 5 Professional Title Animations: Offers animated titles saved in the Asset Browser for added customization.
  • 25 Dynamic Flag Animations: Allows for the use of animated circle flags to define bar charts and other graphs.
  • Support for Brand Colors: Includes an option to enable a solid color background to match organizational or brand colors.
  • 4 Icon Animations: Offers primarily arrows used to show profit and loss, enhancing the visual representation of data.
  • For Cycles and Eevee: Compatible with both Cycles and Eevee render engines, offering flexibility in rendering options.
  • Made in Geometry Nodes: Utilizes Geometry Nodes for the creation of graphs and Python for automation tasks.
  • Limitless Customization: Offers extensive customization options for each element of the graph.
  • One Click Output Settings: Simplifies the render settings for image or video format with just one click.
  • For Personal and Commercial Use: Can be used for both personal and commercial projects, offering a Standard Royalty Free license.

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