Nisarga is a comprehensive library of nature assets, including trees, grass, weeds, flowers, hedges, vines, shrubs, and pots. The add-on is designed for maximum viewport performance and optimized rendering while maintaining quality and detail. It is suitable for a wide range of artists, from architectural visualization to game development.

Key Features:

  • Easy UI: Comes with an intuitive and responsive interface that includes a categories dropdown for convenient asset management.
  • Spawn at Center/Cursor: Allows users to place assets either at the world origin or at a specific cursor location.
  • Make Editable: Provides the option to convert linked assets to editable ones.
  • Faster Performance: Optimized for maximum viewport performance and faster rendering.
  • Snap to Ground: Enables assets to be snapped directly to the ground with a single click.
  • Randomize Variant: Adds randomness to nature by offering 3-15 variations for each asset.
  • Seasons Slider: Change seasons and add weathering effects like moss to bark with a single slider.
  • Real-World Scaled Assets: All assets are scaled according to Blender’s real-world scaling system.