ND — Non-Destructive Blender Addon

ND is a non-destructive blender addon that provides many workflow enhancements, tools, operations, and generators tailored specifically for non-destructive 3D modelling.

This approach is useful for many types of modelling needs, particularly hard-surface forms, while being able to quickly adjust parameters without the need for manual poly-modelling. ND modelling makes extensive use of modifiers to enable this flexible workflow.

What Does It Do?

ND is built around 3 core areas: Sketching, Power Modifiers, and Generators. Sketching is all about drawing out 2D planar surfaces which will later be extruded/solidified or otherwise modified to create 3D geometry. Power Modifiers are interactive wrappers built around Blender’s vanilla modifiers, which are tailored specifically for non-destructive modelling. Finally, Generators are special tools that use stacks of different modifiers and fundamental geometry to create common hard surface assets and details.

Are Their Any Tutorials or Resources?

Yes there are, the creator has also made several very helpful tutorials to go along with it:

📜 Docs, Updates & Support

Check out the written documentation, or if you prefer, check out the YouTube channel.

If you encounter a bug, want to send through a feature request, have feedback, or otherwise generally need support, you can get in touch on their Discord server, or via email.

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