MPFB is a free and open-source human character generator tailored for Blender. This versatile tool empowers artists to effortlessly create realistic human characters, offering a wide range of customization options and features.

Key Features:

  • One-Click Humanoid Mesh: Quickly generate a basic humanoid mesh with a single click, laying the foundation for character creation.
  • Parametric Body Modeling: Sculpt and shape the body features directly within Blender for precise character customization.
  • Flexible Rigging: Choose from a range of rigging options, including Rigify support, with both IK and FK modes for efficient character animation.
  • Procedural Skin and Eye Materials: Utilize procedural materials to create realistic skin and captivating eye effects.
  • Asset Library: Access a diverse asset library, including clothes, body parts, materials, and more, to enhance character designs.
  • IK Helper Setup: Benefit from the new IK helper setup, offering support for finger, hand, arm, foot, leg, and eye IK for enhanced posing.
  • Preset Poses: Save and apply character poses as presets, simplifying animation workflows and facilitating consistent character animations.

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