Mountainscapes is a comprehensive collection of 3D assets, designed to enhance landscape and environmental scenes with photorealistic mountainous terrains. The collection includes a variety of models suitable for different settings, such as snow-covered peaks, rocky cliffs, and lush, green mountains.

Key Features:

  • Extensive Collection of 3D Assets: Features 152 ready-to-use 3D assets, including 44 HD models and 108 classic models, catering to a wide range of landscape design needs.
  • Diverse Terrain Categories: Offers a selection of terrains including snow-covered mountains, rocks, cliffs, and green and tropical mountains, allowing for versatile scene compositions.
  • Photorealistic Models: Utilizes photoscanned 3D models with a high level of detail, accompanied by 8K textures to ensure realism in background scenes.
  • Optimized for Backgrounds: While the assets are high definition, they are optimized for creating realistic backgrounds quickly without compromising rendering speed, ideal for not close-up views.
  • Micro Displacement for Low-Poly Models: Includes a “micro displacement” mode to enhance detail on low-poly models, revealing intricate terrain textures and natural irregularities.
  • Drag and Drop with Asset Browser: Integrates seamlessly with Blender’s Asset Browser, enabling users to compose scenes efficiently by simply dragging and dropping assets.
  • HD and Classic Assets: Provides both HD models for scenes requiring meticulous detail and classic, low-poly versions for balancing aesthetics with performance.
  • Realistic Assets: Each mountain asset is crafted to capture the essence of natural landscapes, enriching backgrounds with authenticity.
  • Compatibility: Designed to work with Blender’s Cycles and Eevee render engines, ensuring wide usability across different projects.