Motion Animate is a comprehensive tool designed to simplify the creation of motion graphics and text animations. The add-on comes packed with a variety of node groups, motion text presets, and graphics examples.

Key features:

  • Motion TextStyle: Offers advanced text styling capabilities. When combined with Motion Attribute, TextStyle Color, and TextStyle Shader, it allows rapid adjustments to color and material settings for different parts of the text.
  • Motion Circles: Enables the creation of multiple circle animations, complete with features such as count, start-end, transform, and offset.
  • Motion Curves: Facilitates the extraction of curves from dense meshes based on textures.
  • Motion Array: Assists in generating array objects, vertex distribution, and point instancing with several built-in basic model presets.
  • Motion Controller: Manages the timing, speed, and direction of animations. It can also utilize object distance or texture to influence the animation’s progression.
  • Motion Interpolation: Contains 20 built-in animation interpolation presets, with options for adjusting time stretch and offset.
  • Motion Transform & Motion Transform Plus: Provides initial animation transformations. The Plus version offers step-by-step random transformations.
  • Motion Trail: Designed for crafting trailing effects using copies, curves, or particles.
  • Motion Mesh (experimental): Allows for random transformations of faces.
  • Motion Coordinate: Sets the coordinates for textures and can auto-generate animations based on subsequent transformation parameters.
  • Motion Noise & Motion Pulse: Produces random vectors for Motion Transforms and facilitates repetitive looping animations, respectively.
  • Motion Text Templates: Direct creation of motion text from assets is possible.
  • Additional Content: The add-on includes 40 motion text animation presets and 50 demo files for users to explore.