MoonRay is a MCRT renderer, developed and actively maintained by DreamWorks. It is equipped with an extensive library of production-tested, physically based materials and supports USD Hydra render delegate. The renderer also offers multi-machine and cloud rendering capabilities through the Arras distributed computation framework.

Key Features:

  • Distributed Rendering with Arras: Enables distributing rendering tasks to a cluster or cloud, ensuring efficient and integrated rendering.
  • Display Filters: Provides a set of compositing nodes that can be piped from AOVs in MoonRay, allowing progressive refinement in an artist’s interactive render session.
  • XPU Mode: A pixel-matching, production-capable GPU accelerated renderer that achieves 100% output matching with non-GPU modes.
  • Hydra Render Delegate: Compatible with any DCC tool with Hydra support for interactive preview rendering.
  • Layerable Materials: Includes efficient, layerable production materials for a wide range of use cases and easy development of customized material shaders.
  • Checkpoint / Resume Rendering: Supports time, quality, and signal-based checkpoint rendering for maximal control in various scenarios.
  • Volume Rendering: Supports rendering of participating media such as fog, fire, smoke, clouds, and dust with various advanced features.
  • Profiling Viewer: Helps track render performance across a set of canonical tests over time.
  • Deep Images / Cryptomatte: Supports full deep image output and the output of Cryptomatte files for generation of ID mattes.
  • Light Filters: Offers a set of advanced light filters for full artistic expression.
  • Adaptive and Uniform Sampling: Supports both uniform and adaptive sampling for efficient rendering.
  • Vectorization: Fully leverages Single Instruction/Multiple Data (SIMD) vector units throughout for high efficiency.
  • Light Path Expressions / AOVs: Supports all light path expression based AOVs associated with radiance values, and various custom outputs for detailed diagnostics.