The Molecular Script is an addon for Blender 2.8 that makes particles collide. In addition it makes links between the particles. So making collisions and links are the two most important things the addon can do.

Since there are a loads, read: loooaads, of settings in the addon, I will show you to get the hang of the addon. Start with a simple particle system in the learning fase. This because you need to re-calculate every time you change a setting. The video below gives you a good introduction to this addon.

Molecular Script Addon – Blender 2.8

How the Molucular Script Addon works

For those who don’t have acces to the video, here are few notes of what is discussed in the video.

  • Start with a simple particle system. This saves a lot of time. Later, when you get the hang of the addon, make a more complicated particle system.
  • For example: 50 particles, starting from frame 1 to 50. Give the particles a life-time of 130 frames.
  • Then in the Properties Panel – Particles, enable: Molecular Script.
  • In Short; Enable collisions and links. Collisions prevents particles to intersect but can give a kind of explosion effect. To get rid of that explosion effect enable Links, so that particle don’t fly away to far. (Sorry for the layman terms, but it’s probably more clear than using academic terms. If not, let me know).
  • Because you need to run the simulation after you change any setting, it’s an idea to right click on the button called “Start Molecular Simulation”. Then choose for the option to add it to the favorites. If you press then Q, you will see the option to Start the Molecular Simulation. And so, you don’t have to scroll down all the time, trying to find that button. For more documentation look on Pyroevel’s page, see link below.

Where to download the Molecular Script Addon?

The latest version for Blender 2.93 seems to be available here: This addon was written before by Pyroevil, but ported over to Blender 2.8 by scorpion81. There is another version here: which worked for me in Blender 2.93 but it seems not for everyone?.

In case there are any problems with the installation, read the notes on Pyroevil’s page which is an old page but may help.