Ever made extensive use of the modifier stack and often get lost? The Modifier List Addon could be for you. Basically it adds a list of used modifiers on top. And when clicking on one item in the list the properties of the modifier shows up under the list.

A bit of a trend nowadays is non-destructive modelling. Some addon developers like to use prefixes in the name of the modifier. And as result you can barely see what kind of modifier you are dealing with. This addon gives you a better overview of modifiers. Handy when you are dealing a lot with modifiers.

How does the Modifier List Addon work?

modifier list addon - UI
modifier list addon – UI

On top we see first the Outliner. Under the Outliner we see the modifier stack. You see first a list of all the modifiers used. When you click on one of the modifiers, you see the properties of that modifier showing up under the list. Then, there also buttons for removing, applying and adding a modifier.

Without the Addon, you need to collapse, open and scroll though the list of modifiers. So I think this addon makes our lives a tiny bit easier. There is an option to add the addon in the N-Panel, but if you are like me, you want as less as possible addons in the N-Panel. (The N-Panel gets crowded easily).

Also, because some addon developers tend to use a prefix in the name of a modifier. In such case you need more space and somehow this addon let’s you see a few letters more of modifier’s name.

Where to download the Modifier List Addon?

You can download the Modifier list addon on Github. Scroll down a bit on Github, and there you see: Download the latest release from here.

Then download the latest .zip file which you can install in Blender.

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