The MiraTools addon has several tools on board that allows us to model and deform our mesh. Very popular is the CGuide and CStretch. With these we can deform our mesh in a convenient way. Because not all functions are working I make an overview of what is working and I give a quick introduction on how to use the add-on.

Discussed in the video

  • The big news: The MiraTools addon is ported over to Blender 2.8 by JoseConseco. The original developer is Mifth.
  • Little issue when installing the addon. You can install the add-on in Blender, but then you have to go to the folder where the addon is installed and remove the dot.in the folder’s name. Then restart Blender and then you will find MiraTools in the preferences.
  • How to use CurveSurfaces. In short: CurveSurfaces comes in handy when you want to make a surface (like a curved surface or curved plane). Because you are working with control-curves you don’t have to model all the faces. The video explains this better.
  • Deform. Deform looks a bit like the Simple Deform Modifier but then in Edit mode. Not only that, you can combine what the Simple modifier has to offer like Twist, Taper and Bend.
  • Linear Deform. Also a deformer but first you define a kind of bone and then the mesh will deforms around that “bone”. Again, the video explains it better.
  • Arc. This could be a little bit confusing. First you have to select faces that defines the orientation of the arc. Then you select open curve-loops. More in the video on how it works exactly.
  • CGuide. Or Curve Guide. This seems to be a popular one. It is to deform your mesh with curves. Pretty usefull.
  • CStretch. Or Curve Stretch. Select some edges first (open edge loop, example: eyebrows of the monkey) then use CStretch to deform the monkey’s eye-brows.

Where to download the MiraTools addon?

Best is to look on Blenderartists.org for the latest download. This because the addon is ported over by Jose. I suppose the original developer will pick it up from there. So that could mean the location of the download is different than it is now.

Mind that when you install the addon on Windows, there is a dot in the folder’s name. You need to go to the addon’s folder (appdata, roaming etc) and remove the dot in the folder’s name. Then restart Blender and then you will see the MiraTools addon.

Other places to download for now, see JoseConseco on Github and Mifth on Github. Update: Mifth is continuing developing the addon for Blender 2.8. In case you download the latest from Mifth, then you need to unpack the .zip file. In the unzipped file you go to mifthtools-master\blender\addons\2.8 and you zip the mira_tools folder. You can then install the mira_tools.zip in Blender as usual.

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