MeshSync is a package designed for real-time synchronization of mesh or model editing from DCC tools into Unity. Working in conjunction with MeshSyncDCCPlugins, it enables developers to view real-time in-game visuals while in the modeling process.

Key Features:

  • MeshSyncServer: Syncs meshes or models editing in DCC tools into Unity in real time, ensuring immediate feedback and adjustments.
  • SceneCache: Allows the playback of all frames of an .sc file exported using MeshSyncDCCPlugins, including SceneCache in Timeline, for comprehensive review and analysis.
  • Project Settings: Offers configuration options for default settings for MeshSync components, allowing tailored synchronization settings.
  • Preferences: Provides settings to configure DCC Tools integration, ensuring seamless connectivity and interaction.
  • Geometry Nodes: Enables the synchronization of geometry nodes from Blender to Unity in real time, ensuring consistent and up-to-date visual representation.